The Ultra Violets #3: Lilac Attack!

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Whisper by Chris Struyk-Bonn Apr. Whisper, a teenage girl with a cleft palate, struggles in a world that is hostile to those with disfigurements or disabilities. Three Winnipeg teens deal with pregnancy, cultural differences, and the fallout of bad decisions. Capricious by Gabrielle Prendergast Apr. Orca Sports continues with Underhand by M. McIsaac Mar.

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This thriller explores the consequences of the war on terror on two young lives. The Flea by Laurie Cohen, illus.

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Ages 2—4. In the middle of a race, one caribou stops to question the single-minded pursuit of victory at all costs. Share by Sally Anne Garland Mar. A slammed door dislodges a red ball and kicks off a demonstration of cause and effect. A pigeon drops right in front of the rodent siblings of the title. In this wordless picture book, the process of preparing a meal out of letters leads to the discovery that some are easier to find than others.

Nat the cat can sleep in, under, or sprawled across anything. Tweezle into Everything by Stephanie McLellan, illus. Tuyet, newly adopted from war-torn Vietnam, faces her fear of hospitals for a life-changing procedure. The Stowaways by Meghan Marentette, illus. Graffiti Knight by Karen Bass Mar. A teenager in post-war Eastern Germany finds a dangerous way to express himself. Moon at Nine by Deborah Ellis Apr. A Patch of Black by Rachel Rooney, illus.

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Imagination turns a patch of nighttime sky into various things in this bedtime book. Up to age 5. London for Children by Matteo Pericoli Apr. Summer has two weeks to plan a surprise party for her glamorous older sister April—and her dog, Honey. What Is That Smell? Monkey Business by Anna Wilson Apr.

Felix and Flo plan to adopt an exotic animal over the Internet. A brother must protect his sister, who can hear voices, when they search for the mother who abandoned them. Rio welcomes Snakes Alive! Dinosaurs welcomes Bite of the Allosaurus by Arnaud Plumeri, illus. All ages. Frank Baum Mar. Barbie greets Barbie on the Pink Carpet Apr. Big Book of Fun Mar. Beneath the Sun by Melissa Stewart, illus. This tour of a variety of habitats offers glimpses of animals as they live out the hot season. Lost for Words by Natalie Russell Mar. Then, he tries drawing. About Habitats greets Forests by Cathryn Sill, illus.

Claude is back in Claude at the Beach by Alex T. Smith Apr. And Charlie Bumpers returns in Charlie Bumpers vs. Ten Texas Babies by David Davis, illus. In this counting book, 10 Texas babies mosey into town, and each one gets into mischief. Solomon, illus. Cinderellaphant by Dianne de Las Casas, illus. Runaway Beignet by Connie Collins Morgan, illus.

A baker gets his wish when he sprinkles magic sugar on a beignet and it comes to life. Ashley misses her father terribly but knows that he is gone for an important reason: to protect the U. Teen author Eliana provides easy, nutritious recipes that kids can cook for themselves. During Hurricane Katrina, Hollis discovers what family means and finds his own inner strength.

Nearly Gone by Elle Cosimano Mar. Nearly Boswell reads a personal ad that gives her a particularly bad feeling—then her classmates start dying. Up to age 2. Extraordinary Jane by Hannah E. Harrison Feb. Jane is an ordinary dog in an extraordinary circus. Is she really meant for this kind of life? Knuckleball Ned by R. Dickey, illus. Underpants Dance by Marlena Zapf, illus. Lily loves to show off her fancy panties, horrifying her big sister.

Lilac Attack!

In this bedtime story, Octopus helps his human buddy get ready to turn in. Runaway Tomato by Kim Cooley Reeder, illus. When a giant tomato breaks loose, it takes every tractor, fire engine, and helicopter to stop it.

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Maggi and Milo by Juli Brenning, illus. Maggi gets a book about frogs from her grandmother and takes her dog, Milo, on a frog-hunting adventure. Big Bad Baby by Bruce Hale, illus. Turtle is all alone in the ocean until four shipwrecked folks—a bear, an owl, a frog, and a cat—climb to safety on his shell. A Mom for Umande by Maria Faulconer, illus.

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Voices from the Oregon Trail by Kay Winters, illus. This historical picture book presents profiles pioneers who journeyed on the Oregon Trail in Ice Whale by Jean Craighead George, illus. This posthumous novel about a generations-deep curse on the Eskimo involving an ice whale is told in alternating voices, both human and whale.

Curiosity by Gary Blackwood Apr. In Philadelphia, year-old chess prodigy Rufus is recruited by a shady showman named Maelzel to secretly operate a mechanical chess player called the Turk. Ages 9—up. When her sister gets engaged to an insufferable guy, Josie sees it as the mistake of a lifetime.

Landry Park by Bethany Hagen Feb. In this romance, Gwen spends the summer in her idyllic island town unraveling family secrets. Stuck near the bottom of the social ladder, this teen author decided to begin a social experiment: spend the school year following a s popularity guide. She shares her experiences in this memoir. Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith Feb. Sixteen-year-old Austin and his best friend accidently unleash an unstoppable army of horny, hungry, six-foot-tall praying mantises on their Iowa hometown. After nine years living far from the sea where her mother drowned, Callie and her father are returning to the coast—and something waits for Callie in the water.

Young set designer Emi discovers a mysterious letter at the estate sale of Hollywood royalty that she hopes will introduce some intrigue and romance into her life. Just Jake 1 by Jake Marcionette, illus. Ages 17—up. Sassy, illus. Strawberry Shortcake returns in Puppy Love! Bookmarks Are People Too! Nice Snowing You! Magic Puppy by Sue Bentley, illus. Agatha Girl of Mystery by Steve Stevenson, illus.