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The Templar Concordat - AbeBooks - Mr Terrence OBrien:

The author gets a button for giving his characters names that I could pronounce. This book passed the mechanics of good writing test. The author developed and described very well. My favorite character was the unconventional Pope. He wore cowboy boots and jeans. Set me to thinking about the Pope's shoes. Don't ask why because I don't This book can me to me free from Amazon and Boobbub.

Don't ask why because I don't know.

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It just did. White kid leather lace ups came to mind. I love conspiracy theories, but I am better off not knowing the truth of all that I question. The book read like silk and was never boring. Thank you, Mr.

O'Brien, for a good read. Jan 18, Jim Glover rated it really liked it. This was recommended to me by a friend, and i stopped reading what I was reading and started it. I was not disappointed.

The Templar Concordat by Obrien Mr Terrence

It is a very fast paced and well written thriller. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is it never explained why the Templars allowed women into the order now. Other than that loved it. Great book. Jul 03, Kevin Bowser rated it really liked it. This is one of those books that makes you wonder. Did or does a document like the Treaty of Tuscany really exist?

This is not a conspiracy theory kind of book. So, there is no need for a foil hat as you read it. But it has enough detail and authenticity to it that it really makes you wonder. I really recommend this book.

And I love "the Mexican Pope" and the grit of his character. Mar 09, Marguerite rated it liked it.

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It's good, really good. I can't tell how many pages it is, as my Kindle first generation DX doesn't paginate, but it must be a really long book! I shoudl get extra credit, lol. Sep 01, Angelique rated it liked it. Even as a non-catholic, I'm offended by the portrayal of the lately elected pope in this book. The story line is based upon the existence of the Templars in our modern world as a partner to the Vatican but only if the sitting pope agrees. Not my favorites read but it did have its entertaining moments.

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  • Dec 17, Linda rated it really liked it. I like the blend of religion and militarism is that a word? I like anything to do with the Templars, even if they are supposed to be non-existent today. I don't know if I like the way this book feeds into the present day hysteria about Islam and the West, but the story is very plausible. Terrence OBrien.

    Nov 15, Dianne rated it it was amazing Shelves: historical-fiction. The Vatican and the Knights Templar working together? Having secret agreements reaching for centuries back? Secret documents that could change the world? Great depth to each character, whether you like them or not, you saw how their minds functioned or malfunctioned. May 18, Patricia rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery-adventure.

    Interesting story about a centuries old agreement between the Pope and the leader of the Templars. Some are not interested others welcome the agreement. Not as good as Dan Brown but a good read. Jul 30, Gregory Hlewicki rated it it was amazing. Too good to be free Fantastically written. Fast paced read that despite having multiple characters, allows you to get to know each of them,their personalities and motivations.

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Dec 11, Bev rated it really liked it. Loved this book! The plot is highly improbable but you are drawn into the belief that it really could happen. Once so ensnared, just sit back and enjoy. It is well written in the 'Dan Brown' style and all's well that ends well, thanks to the Templars. May 25, Julia rated it really liked it. The book started out slow, and reminded a lot of DaVinchi's code, but it picked up the pace and actualy became a fast read half way through it. I really liked it and would read other books by the author.

    Oct 06, Donna Hazard rated it really liked it. Historical fiction I chose a 4 in rating this book because while pretty good, some of the scenes seemed implausible to me. Fairly well written. I would consider reading this author's work again. Nov 12, Carol rated it really liked it Shelves: ipad. Really enjoyed this book based on the history of the Templars always been fascinated by that era. This book supposes they are still around today and in control of some amazing resources, both human and technological. Featured Posts. The Popes and the Templars.

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    February 27, Thomas M. Pope Honorius II. Conclave of Establishment of the Templars. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Follow Us. Charter of Transmission. Chinon Parchment. History of the Crusades.

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