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Memories of her own childhood surface for the first time when Saffie is alone with Emil for a weekend. Mutti is over and done with and so is Muttersprache, both are over and done with, once and for all" [p. Is she expressing regret or hope?

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What literary devices does the author use to make this scene at once realistic and magical? How does this truth concern her? Which truths are we required to pay attention to, and which can we ignore" [p. How do each of the three main characters answer these questions in the course of the novel?

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Which responses come closest to your own and why? How does it relate to the novel as a whole? Why is Saffie so reluctant to allow Emil to start school [p. Saffie recalls both the evils her family experienced—the death of her best friend [p.

What role does his support of the Algerian underground in Paris play in healing the wounds of the past? Is he motivated only by idealism? What they love in each other is the enemy" [p. Do you agree with this characterization?

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  • If so, do you think it is unusual for two people to create a relationship on this basis? If Raphael had been a more attentive father, would the story have unfolded differently? What do you think happened to Saffie in the years following the events recounted in The Mark of the Angel?

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    Throughout the novel, Huston charts the escalating tensions between France and its former colony, Algeria. Why does Huston use news bulletins about the war and other events to frame the story? How does she illuminate the private lives of the characters and their internal reactions to external events?

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    Huston writes, "How can so many worlds exist simultaneously on one little planet? Which of them is the most genuine, the most precious, the most urgent for us to understand?

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    • The connections among them are complex, yet not chaotic. Is it possible to give an objective answer these questions?

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      Are there events or tragedies so compelling that everyone is forced to react to them? How do the events in The Mark of the Angel support your position? Can history be understood through bare facts alone or is it always informed by subjective perceptions? The major difference between the two being Perfect Days is a road trip kidnapping.

      Raphael (Artist) Facts & Worksheets

      Teo has medical knowledge and what seems like a never ending supply of money, so is able to keep his victim Clarice sedated and stuffed into a suitcase for easier travel. Teo is in medical school and spends his extra time taking care of his wheel-chair bound mother. He has no friends and only leaves the house for school, but one night he is talked into going to a party where he meets Clarice. Clarice is outgoing, speaks her mind and hates sitting still.

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      She love exploring and meeting people, and takes her screenwriting very seriously. Perhaps you might find some things similar, but to fully understand what is happening should be just beyond your belief at all times. The story invites the reader to see what his thought processes were and how he made sense of every action he took.

      It is all done in a very calm manner.