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So way back in the fourth episode, when the flashback portion of the season got underway, there was a title card that declared we were watching events three years before the apocalypse. When Mutt and Jeff were recruiting Venable to be the leader of Outpost 3, Mutt said it would be a year or two before it happened.

But is there enough time for Cordelia, Mallory, Madison and Myrtle to put together a long game? The obvious solution to this whole thing is that Mallory will go back in time and prevent the apocalypse from ever happening — and also, consequently, save those witches that Michael and Mead murdered this week. And so there has to be some other element to this, some other thing that Mallory is going to have to do. Presumably, as they will try out her time travel ability every once in a while to see if her brain has developed the capacity to do what needs to be done — would they just have her keep trying to save Anastasia Romanov or would they try other things?

And speaking of that — why were they trying to save Anastasia in the first place? Myrtle explains Anastasia was one of them — a witch — but is there a bigger reason for this attempted save other than just seeing if Mallory could do it? They had to be picking a specific event that if Mallory changed would transform the world for the better, right? Otherwise why risk the negative effects it would have if she pulled it off?

So why Anastasia? Dinah has a very mercenary attitude, happy to take money from pretty much anybody. So, does Cordelia know that Dinah helped Michael murder all her girls? If so, did Dinah do something to atone for that? Could they have pulled a similar infiltration scheme to whatever Coco, Mallory and Dinah did to get into Outpost 3?

The True Story Of The Winchester Mystery House

Among the residents of the outpost were a pair of teenagers, Timothy and Emily, who were basically kidnapped and brought there, allegedly because of their family history or good genes or whatever. And then they died along with everybody else when they ate the poison apples in the third episode. And there has been absolutely no mention of them since. There must me some kind of twist with those two, right? Did the witches put an identity spell on, well, everybody who lived in Outpost 3? But there are multiple instances this season of actors playing multiple new characters: Joan Collins, Evan Peters and Billy Eichner.

Now, if Coco had been living a fake life with a personal assistant doing the same, then it follows, perhaps, that the other people in her life might have been in the same situation.

Her mother was Ethel Byrne , who opened the first birth control clinic in the US. For years, Robinson spent her nights and weekends researching Marston, pouring over his letters at the Smithsonian, and studying his DiSC theory, which centres on four different behavioural traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance.

It took four years to write and another four years to get made. So this has been a really long road for me. Everybody is amazed by the timing, but the movie has come together and fallen apart many times. I do feel like there is a convergence around Wonder Woman happening right now.

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Mutterings about the sexual predilections of the Wonder Woman creator and how this helped form the bondage-friendly superheroine predate the current vogue for the bangled Amazon. Contemporaneous eye-witnesses are more ambiguous.

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Marston, she writes, issued his wife with an ultimatum: she could either accept Byrne into their marriage, or he would leave. Her response? She walked out the door and walked, without stopping, for six hours. The film is my interpretation of all of my research. That means I have to condense time and locations and use composite characters. The Marstons led this big, sprawling life. This is just a snapshot. I started out trying to tell a very organic love story. And how that relationship inspired Wonder Woman and how these two brilliant women have been hidden by history.

'The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell' - BBC News

That just blew my mind. They formed a family, with a lot of love, and lived together in this way for a long time. As the film notes, Elizabeth and Olive named their children after each other. Put a metal collar on WW with a chain running off from the panel, as though she were chained in the line of prisoners. Have her hands clasped together at her breast with double bands on her wrists, her Amazon bracelets and another set.

Between these runs a short chain, about the length of a handcuff chain — this is what compels her to clasp her hands together.

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