Obamas Education Takeover (Encounter Broadsides)

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Obama and the Crash of 2013

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Obama's Education Takeover

The Achievement Gap Fails to Close Half century of testing shows persistent divide between haves and have-nots. For nearly 50 years student achievement gap fails to close Harvard-Stanford study finds opportunity gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students equivalent to three to four years of learning.

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How can schools best combat that problem? A new analysis using 50 years of student achievement data. The Strikes Keep Coming Will districts demand reform in exchange for needed raises? International evidence on teacher cognitive skills and student performance. Popular efforts to expand student safety may compromise school climate Security technologies in schools correlated with increased student fear and mistrust of educators.

Adult Education Comes of Age New approach blends basic academics and job training. Entree to Freshman Year Online programs offer low-cost courses for college credit. Charters An autocrat declares war on high-performing American schools.

http://tax-marusa.com/order/vakykowav/comment-retrouver-un-telephone-avec-imei.php Turkey wages multimillion-dollar takedown of U. New online education models expand college access and lower degree cost But MOOC-style offerings must overcome completion challenges. Online Learning Goes Hollywood Using video storytelling to motivate learning. Remembering an Education President George H. Bush led by enabling, not mandating, state and local reform. Community Colleges and Career Education New non-degree programs skip the general education requirements.

The Benefits of Borrowing Evidence on student loan debt and community college attainment. Student borrowers earn more credits, better grades Being offered federal loans increases academic and long-term success for community college attendees. How Personalized Learning Can Support Equity and Excellence Driving on-grade-level learning, promoting rigorous problem-solving, and more.

After the Teacher Walkouts Will unions shift their focus to the statehouse? Good Advice Trump overturns Obama guidance on race in public schools. The Full Measure of a Teacher Using value-added to assess effects on student behavior. Can For-Profit Colleges Rebound? A second chance to innovate, amid tough market conditions. The Case for Quality Homework Why it improves learning, and how parents can help. Reflections on the Legacy of Bush-Obama School Reform Why did initially promising, seemingly popular efforts at federal leadership lose their luster?

The EdNext Poll—Public support grows for increasing teacher salaries Plus, charter schools and vouchers gain favor. Judging Choice Court victory for charter schools in Louisiana. Change the Rules to Unleash Innovation Although federal spending on higher education has expanded access, it has also had an unintended effect. Privatization in American Education: Rhetoric vs. Shep Melnick. Teacher coaching improves instruction and student achievement more than other forms of professional development But larger programs less effective, suggesting difficulty of successfully taking them to scale.

Mainstreaming does not equal access for students with disabilities, who often still lag behind peers Evidence in favor of inclusion also fails to account for impact on peers and teachers.