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ABC Song - Learn Your Letters (Original Kid's Phonics Song)

Play Experience Classics On-the-Go. Melissa's Pick. Quick View. Deluxe Double-Sided Tabletop Easel. Alphabet Nesting and Stacking Blocks. Self-Correcting Alphabet Letter Puzzles.

Flip-to-Win Hangman Travel Game. Alphabet Activity Pad.

Take Your Class on an Alphabet Adventure! | Cox Campus

Water Wow! Alphabet - On the Go Travel Activity. See-Inside Alphabet Peg Puzzle - 26 pieces. Wooden Letter Alphabet Magnets. Deluxe Magnetic Standing Art Easel. When someone gets five in a row, he calls Bingo! If you want to challenge their phonic skills, announce the sound of the letter rather than the letter itself and play for a winner. Do you want to get your students moving while you review letters of the alphabet? Write the 26 letters of the alphabet in random order on a plain shower curtain.

Then give each student a turn tossing a bean bag on to the curtain. Whatever letter her beanbag lands nearest, she must name and give a word that starts with that letter. If a student gets stuck, let her classmates suggest answers. To give your students practice writing out the letters in the English language, set up a writing center in your classroom. Use a shallow box a cereal box with one large side removed is perfect, but any box will work and fill it with about an inch of salt, sand or a similar item.

Then make a set of cards that show each letter in detail. When students are at the center, they can use a stick or the back of a paintbrush to practice writing letters in the sand tray using the card as a reference. After finishing one letter, students can smooth out the surface of the sand and practice another.

ABC Activities with Fun Ways to Teach Letters

Recycle that old floral foam with this fun exercise. After collecting or purchasing a sheet of foam for each of your students, write the letters of the alphabet in random places on the foam. You can include both capital and lowercase letters. Give each student his foam sheet, a small mallet, stick or other pounding instrument and several wooden golf tees. To review the letters, announce a letter, its initial sound or a word that begins with that letter. Students should find the correct letter on their foam and pound a golf tee into the foam to cover it.

Your students will have fun making a physical connection as you review the English alphabet in an unusual and creative way. Get a foam alphabet puzzle and assemble it in a large space in your classroom. Put letters in random order, but limit the layout of the puzzle to four across. Students then take turns hopping through the alphabet board.

Alphabet Games

Have students either name the letter, its sound or a word that begins with that letter before hopping on to a given square. Students can choose which squares they step on, but their goal is to work from one end of the puzzle to the other end. Give each student at least one turn hopping through the alphabet.

Using a simple inflatable beach ball, make a fun game for your students to play anytime you have a few minutes to fill during class.

riogesificomp.cf Write the letters of the alphabet in random places on the beach ball. Arrange your students in a circle. One student tosses the ball to a classmate, and that person catches it. Whatever letter is closest to his right thumb she must name. If you like, have her name a word that starts with that letter as well. Play until everyone has at least one turn. Turn arts and craft time into an opportunity to review English letters. Have students cut colorful drinking straws into one inch segments. Then give each person a ball of play dough. Students should flatten the play dough on their desks and then poke the straws into the play dough.

They should arrange the straw segments so they look like a letter when viewed from above. You can announce the letters you want students to make, have them make the letters of their name or have students assign letters to each other.