How to predict the weather with a cup of coffee: And other techniques for surviving the 9–5 jungle

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That said, it is a bit of fun and little interesting facts like the title suggests are crammed into it. I wish the whole book was just fun facts like this, instead, it was stuff like 'How to cook your breakfast with an iron' and stuff like that. Which, lets face it, not many people will probably bother doing. I get it was supposed to be fun and light, b I can see the point of this, I really can, but it's not really relevant to any situation that the common person is likely to find themselves in.

I get it was supposed to be fun and light, but I found myself saying 'I will never use this, why do I need to keep reading? Apr 03, Jonathan Minnick rated it really liked it. A lot of useful tips, although some are irrelevant to most of the innovative world since they are UK-specific. Also goes into great detail about some unnecessary things like he had a contractual agreement to make the book a certain length.

Overall, I learned a lot and I'm going to put some of these things in practice. Dec 22, Alftheo Potgieter rated it liked it. Some good trivia in there.


Gort rated it liked it May 01, Ryan rated it liked it Jun 17, Ronaldo rated it really liked it Jan 19, Jen rated it it was ok Oct 05, Peggy bill rated it it was ok May 27, Emily Chinn rated it really liked it Apr 14, Ger rated it liked it Nov 10, R rated it really liked it Feb 16, Nicholas Alfonso Diaz rated it liked it Oct 11, Rob Weekes rated it it was amazing May 03, Kimberly rated it liked it Feb 25, Keisha Gibson rated it really liked it May 14, Jan Cruysse rated it liked it May 10, Andrew rated it it was ok May 26, Darryl rated it liked it Oct 20, Valeer Damen marked it as to-read Jul 09, Justin added it Dec 09, Steve Wellington added it Aug 26, Ady Entwistle added it Oct 09, Hannah added it Jan 13, Roel Eggenkamp added it Mar 29, There have been thousands and thousands of insect species recorded with new species being discovered all the time.

It would be impossible to list all species here, but as a taste, of the species of mammals know to exist in Borneo it is quite possible that we may come across some of the species of. Such a rich population of insects, mammals and birds creates an incredible concert in the forest and the sounds are truly unforgettable. The Penan are in indigenous group who inhabit the rainforests of interior Sarawak.

Traditionally they subsisted by hunting and gathering however the last few years have seen the majority of nomadic Penan settle into permanent villages and begin to cultivate rice and staple fruit and vegetables. The Penan are still very much reliant on their knowledge and skills in the forest and are widely regarded, even by other local tribes, as masters in the forest.

Their ability to navigate the complex terrain is uncanny, and their botanical and zoological knowledge of such a diverse ecosystem is staggering. Our expedition will take us deep into the interior of Sarawak in Malaysian Borneo. Our destination will be the village of Long Kerong, a Penan village located on a small tributary of the Selungo River. There are about twenty-five wooden houses in Long Kerong. All of the food on the expedition will be cooked outdoors over an open fire using a mixture of modern expedition techniques and traditional Penan cooking methods.

We will not have specially employed catering staff cooking for us; meals will be a communal affair with everyone taking their turn to help. Mains water in towns is not considered safe to drink however bottled water is cheap and easily available. The local rivers and streams will be our primary source of drinking water. Our primary method of disinfection will be boiling but while on the trail we will likely also make use of filtration systems and chemical treatments.

We will cover these methods in detail while on expedition. You will be expected to pay for your own alcoholic beverages while in town. We will not be consuming alcohol while at the village or in the jungle. During our basecamp and jungle travel days we will immerse ourselves in the techniques associated with jungle travel and living and be fortunate to be accompanied at all times by Penan guides who know the rainforest intimately and are exceptionally skilled at living there.

Borneo - Wild Human

Our Penan guides have a working knowledge of English and are therefore capable of explaining techniques and demonstrations in their own words; they are also incredibly generous with their knowledge. The Wild Human team will teach a proportion of relevant skills as well as providing logistical guidance and ensuring the safety of the group at all times. Emergency in-country contact numbers will be available closer to the time. Wild Human has its own Iridium satellite phone.

Whilst on expedition, a member of the Wild Human team will act as our UK back-up in case of emergency and will be contactable 24 hrs a day on the following number — number to be released at a later date. If you have an international roaming agreement for your mobile phone, we have no objections to you using it on expedition, providing it is used discreetly and does not affect others enjoyment of the forest. However, it is almost certain that you will only get a signal in Miri.

Medical facilities are generally considered to be good in Malaysia but it is unlikely that facilities will be comparable to UK standards unless they are in a large city such as Kuala Lumpur.

Learn British English with Luke Thompson

Recommended immunisations are important to consider for all travel to South East Asia. As a minimum you should be up to date with all vaccinations required for normal life in the UK. Hepatitus A and Tetanus are usually advised. Sometimes advised are typhoid, diphtheria, tuberculosis, rabies, hepatitis B, and Japanese encephalitis.

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The risk of rabies is small the villagers say it is not present in their dogs and the cost of the vaccination relatively high, so a personal decision is required here, as with Jap encephalitis. Rabies is however always fatal once symptoms develop and the vaccine does not provide complete immunity; it will buy added time to extract to a suitable medical facility. Malaria is endemic in Sarawak and the risk is considered relatively high.

It is recommended that a suitable anti-malarial is taken. Please consult your GP on this. If you plan to use an anti- malarial that you have not used before, it is also recommended that a trial course be taken to prevent any adverse side effects spoiling your trip. The mosquito count in this forest is relatively small compared to some areas and we will take added malarial precautions with the use of insect repellent and mosquito nets. They also hold HSE recognised first aid certificates.

The expedition will carry a very comprehensive medical first aid pack. You must have adequate travel insurance to join this expedition. Please make sure that your policy covers the type of activities that we will be partaking in; specifically small boat travel and hiking in remote areas. We will ask for your policy details prior to departure.

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  • You will require a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after your intended departure date to be granted entry into Malaysia and proof of your return journey airline ticket. Nationals from all EU countries and New Zealand do not need to arrange visas in advance to visit Malaysia. You will be granted an initial 90 days visa stamp on entry to Malaysia, free of charge. Keep one set of copies with you, one set in your luggage and leave one set with a friend or family member at home. If possible, scan these documents, and email them to yourself, using an email address with sufficient memory storage.

    You need to be in reasonable shape. Anyone who is seriously overweight or has limited flexibility will discover some real handicaps due to the nature of sleeping in hammocks and the challenging nature of the mountainous terrain we will be travelling through. Attitude is everything. If you really want to be there, have the temperament to attend to fussy little details, and are prepared to deal with temporary discomfort at times, you will enjoy the jungle for its energy and wonder.

    Prior to the trip we recommend that you begin a light aerobic fitness-training regime, working out at least three times a week. If possible, some light strength training for the major muscle groups in the legs would be a bonus, as our trek will require a certain level of leg strength.

    A Chronology of Argentina's Economic Collapse: Memoria Del

    A few moderate hill walks with a pack would be ideal training. This will greatly improve your enjoyment of the course. If you are in any doubt about your ability to cope with a cardiovascular workout program, please consult your GP. With regards to flying with a rucksack, I just make sure that all of the bags straps are pulled tight and tucked it. If you are worried about your packing being damaged, then you could buy a flight bag to put your rucksack into.

    They also fold up to a very small size for easy storage. It is fine to travel with cutting tools in your main pack providing they are stored securely in a bag not strapped onto and that they are not readily accessible.

    You should also have your receipt of payment or briefing pack for the expedition, to prove your reason for carrying these tools is legitimate. You will have no need for spending money in the jungle, but please some cash for shopping and beers in Miri and there will be some wonderful Penan crafts for sale while at the village. Major credit and debit cards, including the Visa Cash Passport Card, are widely accepted in Malaysia. You can also access your bank account using ATMs, which are ubiquitous.