How To Organize Your Home - 7 Home Storage Tips For Perfect Organization

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Limit the visual clutter and give your closet a sleek, streamlined look by using matching hangers for your clothes. Just make sure you invest in hangers that actually work for what you have.

Home Organization Ideas - How To Organize Your House

Opt for sturdy velvet hangers over the thin plastic varieties if you have heavy suits to hang, for example, and steer clear of wooden hangers if you have lots of slippery silk blouses. Save yourself precious drawer and hanging space by stacking bulky winter sweaters and stiff denim jeans in separate piles, of course.

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Things like cotton shirts, leggings, and polyester shorts tend to be thin and pliable, making them perfect candidates for the roll and tuck technique. This technique is a major space-saver if you do it right. Rather than folding and stacking your softer, thinner clothes, simply fold them in half and roll them into neat little tubes.

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Tuck your rolled clothing into shoe boxes great for sliding into drawers , or use wire baskets or clear bins perfect for shelves. Pro Tip: Learn how to fold and store a shirt like Marie Kondo. Put lesser-used pieces directly above or below your most popular clothes, and relegate your least-worn items to the top shelf. Even creating the most general color distinction will make your closet totally Pinterest-worthy and easy to navigate.

Every closet has a secret storage weapon that, when used properly, changes the entire layout of your closet: vertical space.

This means walls, top shelves, doors, and even that dead space between your floor and the hems of your hanging dresses. Hang an over-the-door shoe rack over your, ahem, door, or hang it facing sideways on a tension rod.

9 Organizing Mistakes That’ll Totally Screw Up Your Dreams

You can also use extra wall space to install DIY shelves that hold jewelry boxes or handbags. Free Bonus: For more creative vertical storage ideas, check out our collection of 53 insanely clever bedroom storage hacks. Drawer dividers are the key to getting dressed with a smile on your face — and to knowing exactly when you need to do laundry. To maximize space in the compartments and make everything easy to see, roll your socks, tights, underwear, and belts. Bonus Tip: Here are more brilliant ways to store scarves, hats, gloves, and boots in the least floorspace-eating way possible.

Got a few spare inches of wall space? Get creative and use this area to hang accessories like belts, jewelry, hats , or ties. You can use nails or towel hooks , or opt for a more personalized approach like a stylish coat rack or LEGO key holder. In the top drawer, store the items you put on first when getting dressed in the morning — like undergarments. Follow that with pants in the drawer below and tops in the drawer below that. For example, in my own home I have a Maison Jansen glass front case. The top half stores our China, some stemware, and cocktail beverage mixers. The bottom half is closed storage and hides more functional pieces.

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But since it is a gorgeous case piece of its own, it adds to the aesthetic while also adding function. Additionally, the storage location should be in close proximity to the space that it will be used in and easy to access and put away. The key is to select a basket material that highlights other textures in the room and to be sure the baskets have lids. Resist the temptation to hide everything in boxes — organized open storage can make it easier to find what we love and use often. It takes most of us well over an hour to leave the home after waking up.

A handy hallway shelf here the brackets have been painted white and hooks have been added underneath might just make getting out the door a bit easier. Coat, bag, scarf? Storage boxes with handles are perfect for organizing a cleaning cabinet. Not only will you tackle a problem area, you may also boost your wellbeing — the act of cleaning and tidying can promote a feeling of mental presence.

11 Folding and Organization Hacks! - Clever DIY Clothes and Bedding Folding Hacksby Blossom

An open hanging rail may be just the thing you need to make your morning dressing routine run more smoothly. Find even more great ways to store and organise your things online and in-store. V is the owner of the intellectual property, i. V does not grant, assign or otherwise relinquish its ownership.

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