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Gardening and growing stuff is one of my Cultivate goals this year and I was thrilled to see that you are doing a series on gardening. Thank you for all of the inspiration Lara! Thank you so much for your post Lara!

Gardening Six Gardening Tips for Beginners

I look forward to it every year! We started our first garden last year and had some successes and fails! Waiting to see which things we planted pop back up again this year and looking forward to trying new things out in the garden! We are due with our second baby in June so I am trying to remember to just tend well to the small garden we have and grow it as we can! I am so excited this year because we own our home and have a plot to garden now.

This week with the beautiful weather I have weeded the area and tilled the ground a bit. My next step is to find the sprinkler system, and figure out what grows and when because we were in the midwest and now we are back in the west. Love the gardening series! Took a birthday gift over to a neighbor and shared with her how much I appreciate her and her service for others! I used to have a garden several years ago before marriage and kids and loved it! Hoping to get back into it with this series.

Love, love, love this!! I love being outside and nothing is better than being outside and gardening! I encouraged a friend who is in between jobs and anxious about what the future holds. Reminded her that her identity is secure in Christ and that her worth is not determined by her work! We planted potatoes this fall and my 3 and 4 year old loved digging them up. We are eager to start our first official garden this spring for us all to learn and have fun with! I love to grow all sorts of things. We said farewell to the Navy last year and purchased our first home — which has a small but established strawberry bed!

I plan to triple the size of the garden so I can grow vegetables and herbs. I also love growing flowers to cut and brighten up my home or give away to friends and my kids teachers. When I was a child, I remember taking a bouquet of tulips and daffodils to my teachers every spring — that habit stuck, Though the flowers have changed based upon what grows wherever we happen to live!

I find the garden to be one of places I feel closest to God, stewarding and marveling at His creation. My few attempts failed miserably.

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I am trying to grow flowers this year for the first time! You have inspired me to try to grow fresh flowers that I can cut and encourage friends with. Your post was just the encouragement I needed to start the process of clearing out the old, weedy pile in the backyard so that I can get it ready for planting! What a neat giveaway idea!

My hubby has become very interested in gardening in the past year or so, and I would love to gift this to him if I win! We would really love to be able to successfully grow zucchini! Last year they all died. Maybe this will be our year!

I have actually considered sending you pictures of my garden progress along with a hand written note thanking you for your inspiration to garden and find my self again through planning ahead a little and Cultivating What Matters. I so so appreciate you! I am so excited for Spring! How funny!

Vegetable Gardening for Beginners

I just started a job as a seasonal Program Assistant at an organization called Big Green. We plant vegetable gardens in schools, and help connect children to real food. Thank you for this — looking forward to following along and starting a garden with my little ones! So much encouragement!! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity!! Last year was the first year my husband and I did a garden. I managed to kill a cactus once! I would love this if I won!! This would be a great help to garden. Hoping to grow tomatoes, peppers, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini, broccoli, and maybe more.

I am so excited for this series, just to get me back into gardening. Life seemed to get in the way. Sugar snap peas are by far my favorite!

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Such a great post. I would love to have a few small garden boxes that would fit an apartment balcony someday. I need to learn how to grow veggies. It would be so amazing to go get them out of the garden and use them right away for dinner! Garden to table!

Excited for this series. My girls want to grow sunflowers this year. We will do some veggies too. But I would absolutely love to start a raised bed garden in our backyard to grow some veggies. My son is showing some serious interest in digging in the dirt and using the watering can, so I know it would be a great project for us to do together.

My family just moved from an apartment to a house, and I was wanting to start a small garden! Loved the blog post today! I like be this blog post so much! We bought our first house last year, she we are starting from scratch. What a wonderful place to experience Christ. We are trying to grow lettuce since we have two full grown vegetation destroyers living with us bunnies!!!

Lara, I have read both your books this year and have been following you for quite some time. As I listened to Cultivate audiobook and began deciding I wanted to try gardening again, my husband shared that he was feeling the same way. In fact we have begun plans for a full garden with my parents they need the help and have the room and a patio garden at home.

Pray for us! I love to grow stuff. And my kids do too. I really miss having a garden but I just have to be patient and wait for that day to come. Then, bring on the zinnias and the bachelor buttons and the cosmos and the tomatoes and many vegetables. Being patient and content in the season that God has us in. Love the article and love your kids-they are dolls!

And they all look so healthy! I can tell they are loving the planting! I need all the help I can get! I would love to garden! It went okay. My major issue to overcome is an irrational fear of bees. This may be a roadblock to my desires for gardening! We moved into a new home last spring that had a few neglected garden beds. I was in the middle of struggling with PPD at the time so I did nothing to save them, and they grew into a twisted, weed infested mess. By the grace of God, I have recovered and am able to start fresh this year! We have plans to rip everything out, rebuild, and plant for the first time ever!

I think my two year old and I will start slow with tomatoes, peppers, and a few other veggies. I love my little garden bed!

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Last year was the first time I had grown something from seed and I felt like a magician! A magician who clearly wants and not the one in control of her garden and who spent most of the summer warding off deer. But it was worth it for the pesto alone! Lara, I feel like I could call you friend.

In Fall , God gave me my word for , Cultivate. As I was googling and researching the word, I came across your book and blog. Both have been such a gift to me, and have been absolutely life changing. God also started developing in me a deep longing in me for beauty, specifically a garden. I have ignored this, because I am a plant killer!